That’s right, I now accept Bitcoin as a payment method for my web design and development services! I could stop this post there, but I will use this time to discuss Bitcoin a bit further and why I accept it as a payment method.

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, and it’s here to stay with it’s current value at £12,000 at the time of writing (15:02 – December 7th 2017). Although some are still skeptical about its future, many are positive after seeing it rise in value by 1899.19% this year alone. It can be used to purchase just about anything; including every day items, property, vehicles, and more. As it grows in popularity every day, the choice of where it can be spent will continue to grow. Click here to learn more about Bitcoin.

I’ve chosen to accept it as a form of payment for a number of reasons. Firstly, transaction time is only a matter of seconds, so there’s no waiting for funds to clear. Secondly, there is no transaction fee payable by either party, as it isn’t controller by a bank or central authority – it’s completely independant. Lastly, it’s the future and it’s here to stay – so why not embrace it?

Bitcoin can be purchased from various exchanges and websites, but the most reliable is Coinbase. From there, Bitcoin can be held in your own wallet, or sent elsewhere.