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Redesigning RAMM Science

I was recently tasked with redesigning the RAMM Science company website. RAMM Science provide services and software in the blockchain and artificial intelligence industries.

James goes above and beyond to deliver clean design, clean code, on time and on budget. He was able to take my vague requests and churn out a beautiful and functional site. I look forward to working with James for our future projects. Dont hire him, because I want him all to myself. – Alain Richardt

This involved evaluating their existing website – and following a brief that they provided – to create the best solution for them. The website had to portray the services and software that they offer in a professional manor, but with a modern and quirky design to match their target audience. As RAMM Science were not too sure on what content they wanted to include, strategic direction was also given on this aspect of the project.

Below is a screenshot of how their old website looked (not the best, as you can tell):

The homepage was refreshed to the below (although this screenshot was taken from an original design concept, so it contains filler/example content). This new version provides a way for visitors to easily navigate the site, and provides two call to actions. The background is actually a smoke animation, and the vertical scrolling content slider provides needed effect:

The developer in me spotted an opportunity to also include subtle web animations, utilising video and CSS3 transitions – which compliment the design style of this website.

The new RAMM Science website will be live in the coming week once the team source and upload the required contents.


5 Best Instagram Accounts for Web Design Inspiration

I spend a lot of time on Instagram, both from a professional and personal perspective. I love the photo sharing platform, as well as Instagram’s Stories feature. A lot of my Instagram browsing time is spent either checking out photos of cool desks and work setups, or looking through some awesome designs created by fellow web designers.

Below, I’ve put together a list of the five best Instagram accounts which any web designer should follow for inspiration:

  1. @welovewebdesign – https://www.instagram.com/welovewebdesign/
  2. @webdesignit – https://www.instagram.com/webdesignit/
  3. @dailywebdesign – https://www.instagram.com/dailywebdesign/
  4. @web_design_pin – https://www.instagram.com/web_design_pin/
  5. @rocketz.folio – https://www.instagram.com/rocketz.folio/

5 things to consider when creating a website

A website is important to any business. It is a customers first port of call when they require information, potential customers visit your website to find out more, and for a lot of people their website is even their primary income source. But when you are getting a new website, or completely revamping your current one, there’s a lot to consider.

There’s often some things that people fail to consider which may have negative impacts on the website in the near future…

1) Is my website responsive?

A responsive website (or mobile and tablet friendly as some may call it) is important today as it will accommodate the ever growing mobile user-base. Over half of internet traffic comes from a mobile device, and if your new website is not suitable for browsing on a mobile device, then potential customers will most likely leave the site.

2) Website Hosting

You’ll find there’s often very cheap web hosting available for as little as £1.99 per month. While this seems good on paper, I’ve seen many people become let down over the years by poor service levels, resulting in a lot of downtime for their site. 100% uptime of your websites server is a necessity. If someone visits your website while it’s down, stats show that 87% will not return again.

3) Social Media Integration

This is expected by most today, therefore making it mandatory that your site users can easily interact with you on social media via your website. Whether this be links to your social media profiles so you can easily be found, or embedding social feeds, site visitors expect to be able to find this information easily.

4) Security

I once worked at an agency who mainly built WordPress websites for their clients. While this wasn’t an issue in the short term, the longer term often seen plugins and themes not kept up to date – causing security vulnerabilities to appear. Sites would often be attacked with spam comments, spam links, technical errors and so on; not a great look for those visiting your site. This can easily be prevented by keeping site and server software up to date, or using secure programming methods if going down the bespoke route.

5) Content

It used to be said that content was king. Although things have changed on the web over the years, this still appears to be the case in most cases. It’s important that all text is unique and not copy/pasted from another website. Doing this will flag your website as duplicate content to search engines, thus resulting in a possible site ban and loss of traffic. Duplicate content isn’t the only worry though; content must be engaging and of a high quality.

This is just a handful of five factors to consider when creating your new website. The list could go into the hundreds, and it varies from site to site. A small business site would have less factors than a large-scale ecommerce website.


Why web developers and web designers charge a deposit

When I start a new project with a client, I charge a deposit every time. Clients don’t usually question deposits, as most understand the importance of them. However, some clients will question it. Below, I’ve put together a list of reasons why a deposit should be charged, and I answer some typical questions asked by clients and other web designers who seek help.

Build a relationship

As with any industry, it’s important that the business has a strong relationship with a client. This creates consistency throughout the project which then results in a successful outcome. When a client contacts me, they put their trust in me to create them exactly what they need; and I want to trust the client. I want to know that I’m working with a client who is dedicated to the project, provides valuable input and feedback where it’s needed, and of course someone who takes their project seriously. Not to forget the obvious point, I need to trust that they will pay me for my time and skills.

It’s more professional

Most professional web designers and web developers will request a deposit before they begin work. This shows a sense of professionalism and it shows that the designer/developer is a dedicated professional.

The client becomes more involved

As soon as the client has paid a deposit, they instantly feel more involved in the project. In the long term, this means that the project is completed quickly and more efficiently – which works out nicely for the designer and the client.

Some customers may even decide to change their mind and call the whole project off completely. If this occurs, then the designer/developer is not completely out of pocket.

How much should a deposit be?

The standard price stands at 50% (approximately) of the final rate, with the remaining balance to be paid upon completion of the website. However, some larger projects may require payments to be taken in stages. For example, a project that takes a month to complete may see a payment being taken at the end of every week – this is solely up to the designer/developers.

If a client cancels, they lose their deposit

Of course, if you’re a client and you decide to cancel the project for whatever reason you may have – you’ll find that no designer/developer will refund you. Afterall, you are paying for their time and skills! However, if the designer/developer has taken a deposit but then calls the project off themselves, then you are entitled to a refund of the deposit.

So to summarize, I’d do anything to please the client. It’s my job. I charge a deposit for all of the above reasons, and to ensure I complete quality work. If you’re a web designer/developer and you think I’ve missed out some reasons, then let me know in the comments below. If you’re a client, maybe you’d like to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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