As a freelancer, it’s important that I receive a steady stream of work – and even if you have a lot of ongoing work today, you never know when you will hit a dry spell.

Surprisingly, I’ve never had the thrills of hitting a dry spell. That’s mainly because I’m actively following up leads, receiving new leads, and so on. As well as my high Google rankings for my website, I also rely on one particular lead generation service: Proper Leads.

I’ve tried many lead generation services over the years, and most of them seem to be run by robots which automatically scrape the web for poor quality leads – often resulting in a pointless service which you’re overcharged for.

However, since discovering Proper Leads, I’ve been able to receive 4-5 high quality leads every single day. According to their website, the leads are sourced on a daily basis by real humans – which is what clearly results in the high quality of the leads.

Since joining, I’ve won numerous projects and am continuing to win more and more. Proper Leads is a service I would recommend for any web designer, web developer, or even graphic designer who is looking to find more work.